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Deadline: June 17, 2011, 5:30 EST

Callahan Consulting for the Arts is managing the application submission and is available to assist applicants. The full information about the Workshop Subsidy Program can be found on the Creative Capital site at www.creative-capital.org/pdp/subsidy. The How-to-Apply process is presented on this page.

Note: In rare instances, if you work at a government or other agency, firewalls may block your viewing of some Creative Capital pages. If so, the best alternative for viewing the content in the form that is most helpful to you is to use a computer outside of your office. If this is not possible, contact Suzanne Callahan to obtain the relevant PDFs.

The process below prepares you to complete a simple online Application Form. Questions coincide with the priorities stated in the Guidelines as well as the published review criteria. Applicants may wish to review those Guidelines before submitting as well as the Resources referenced at the bottom of this page.

Complete the following 3 steps.

1) Download and complete the Application Worksheet in MS Word before submitting. This Worksheet contains all questions in the online Form, and has been formatted to match the Form. It is provided to a) assist you in preparing your answers ahead of time, and b) confirm that your Application Form transmitted to the online survey system (see below). Download the Application Worksheet in Word format.

Note that questions have character limits. It is advised that you draft your answers and check the character counts so that you can cut and paste them from the Worksheet into the online Form. You need not use all character allotments.

There are three sections:

Section 1, Information on Organization and Workshop Type, asks for basic contact and financial information for the applicant (and co-host, if relevant).

Section 2, Your Workshop Plans (Open Ended Questions), pertains to your workshop's goals and budget, as well as how you will select artists and plan for diversity.

Section 3, Organizational Background, is a brief summary for you and your co-host, if relevant.

If applying for multiple workshops, fill out the Application Worksheet (and then the Form) once for each desired Workshop Subsidy Grant.

2) Then, complete the Application Form online through the link below.
If the Worksheet is already filled out, this process should take no more than 10-20 minutes.

The link below logs you into the Application Form. It is recommended that you complete the online Form in one sitting. However, you can re-enter the Form and edit your responses later, but only up until 5:30 pm, on June 17, 2011. But you must use the same computer and the same browser to pick up and finish. Cookies must be enabled. Note: if you are applying to more than one workshop, you must use a different browser for each application. Otherwise, the survey software will overwrite the first application you submit.

3) When you post your submission online, also email your Application Worksheet (in MS Word) to PDPSubsidy@ForTheArts.org. Label this document with your organization's name.

IMPORTANT: It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that a complete Application Form and Worksheet are both received by the deadline. By July 1, 2011, a confirmation will be emailed to the Primary Contact, as listed on your Application Form. If you do not receive this confirmation by close of business on that day, please contact Suzanne Callahan immediately (PDPSubsidy@ForTheArts.org. or 202-955-8325). Creative Capital is not responsible for submissions that were not confirmed in this manner. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

After your Application Worksheet is ready, click here to complete the online Application Form.

For Assistance

If you need help with this Application, or to answer any questions, contact Callahan Consulting for the Arts at 202-955-8325 or PDPSubsidy@ForTheArts.org.

Or, Make an Online Inquiry. Post your inquiry here to receive an email response to your question about applying, or to request a phone call. We strive to respond to all inquiries within one business day.


The resources below are designed to help with the application process and to understand what will be expected of organizations that receive a Workshop Subsidy Grant. They include suggestions from Creative Capital staff and past workshop Partners.

Recruitment Tips. How to Draw Artists to Your Workshop. Based on past Partners' experiences, this brief document gives suggestions of how to recruit a diverse group of artist participants.

Workshop Descriptions. For its potential Partners, Creative Capital has developed descriptions of each workshop, which contain curriculum information, agendas, budgets, requirements, and leaders' biographies. They will give you a clear idea of what each workshop will entail and what will be expected from your organization if you receive a Workshop Subsidy Grant to host a workshop.

Full Guidelines. This links you back to Creative Capital's website, to review the outdated guidelines and other information about PDP.

Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQs cover PDP workshops in general and how this subsidy is structured. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read these to make their applications more competitive.

Observer Travel Subsidy. PDP has a small amount of funding to help subsidize the travel of a limited number of potential Partner organizations to observe a workshop. Potential Partners observe as PDP's guests and will receive all workshop materials. Travel and lodging costs are usually the responsibility of the organizations, but this subsidy defrays those costs.